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Epitome of island luxury at Amilla Beach Villa Residences

Epitome of island luxury at Amilla Beach Villa Residences

Welcome to Amilla Beach Villa Residences! This is where you are taken into a blissful holiday world where you experience the laid-back tranquil island life at its best. If you are thinking about having a tropical vacation in Maldives, then a stay at Amilla Beach Villa Residences would accommodate you to have the best time of your life in Maldives. This award-winning luxury island resort is also in the list of the best 50 luxury island hotels and its amenities and facilities have excellent rave reviews.

The resort is set up in one of the most beautiful Maldivian islands. The pristine waters shimmering with caresses of the golden sun beams make it a truly snap-worthy scenery. The pearl-white powdery beaches are every so fascinating to explore. The oasis of seclusion beckons for you. The holistic island luxury of Amilla Beach Villa Residences would keep galloping over your every expectation. This is what makes the island resort so remarkable.


In Amilla Beach Villa Residences, the chances you get to go on an exhilarating water sports adventure are numerous. If you are audacious enough to try activities such as snorkeling, diving or para-sailing, there is no reason to hesitate at all. Here in this luxury resort, there are experts who are trained to take beginner leveled guests to explore the mesmerizing underwater world. If you decide to go for an all-inclusive package, watersports activities can also be included within.


Delightful meals play a major role in making one enjoy their time. There are several choices available in this luxury Maldivian resort. Most restaurants are just about a 5 minute walk away from your very own villa. The five minute beach walk would itself be quite rewarding. The restaurants in Amilla Beach Villa Residences have truly wonderful menus which contain delicious meals made by using top quality ingredients. If you want to have your meal at the comfort of your villa, that can also be arranged upon request.


Javvu Spa is located in the Eastern side of the island. This spa offers a variety of massages and treatments which are designed to create a holiday ambience for the guests. This extra-ordinary sanctuary is where you can epitomize the idea of taking care of yourself and making a deeper connection to yourself. This is the best place to rejuvenate, relax and completely free your mind from everything beyond this bliss.


It is a fact that this resort is quite small in comparison to most luxury resorts. The resort is located in a rather intriguing spot. Baa Atoll, which is believed to be the most aquatically rich areas in Maldives is where this luxury resort is situated. Moreover, this island resort Is quite close by the UNESCO biosphere reserve which has been reserved as a protected heritage since the year 2011.


Island Transport

Most of the amenities in the island is just a short beach stroll away. Hence, taking a short relaxing stroll in the beach would be rewarding. However, if you prefer, beach buggies and bicycles can be arranged for transport.

Marine Activities

The marine activities here are not at all limited to free swimming. PADI dive training, snorkeling, dolphin watching trips, jet skiing, big game fishing, para-sailing, wind surfing and even boats are available for hire.

Land activities

If you just want to do some relaxing activities dry on land, so be it. We have got a range of exhilarating sports, games and activities to make sure your holiday is accumulated with enjoyment. There are sports like football, badminton and volleyball. There are other activities as well. Those include, chess, arcade games and board games.


There are spa treatment pods, salon services, beauty bar, steam rooms, saunas just by the Oceanside and many more facilities in order to boost the comfort of the guests. The spa therapies are the best for rejuvenation and the refreshment of the mind.


Being one of the most family friendly luxury resorts, it is a fact that this Maldivian resort would have something in store to make a holiday less frustrating for families. Especially families with young ones. Sultan’s Village Kids Club, which is dedicated to fill your child’s day with creative and enjoyable activities also includes complimentary baby-sitting. There is a fenced garden which would make the club quite a safe place to leave your kids to have the time of their lives while you go on to have the best time of yours.

Additional Facilities

Other than the facilities mentioned above, there are other arrangements that can be made upon request. For example, laundry services, photo sessions with the resort photographer and many more facilities are available.


4 Bedroom Villa Residences

The 4 bedroom villa residence is nothing less than an architectural masterpiece which reflects the idea of experiencing a luxurious, modern and regal holiday. The interiors are quite stunning as it delivers the guests the quintessence of stylish luxury. These spacious villas have four large rooms available, each of which are quite magnificently equipped with the finest amenities. There are private kitchens available in these fantastic villas. The pool itself is located in the best possible place a pool to be… the beach!

The four bedrooms in each villa are fully air conditioned and the beds are dressed with high quality materials. All rooms do feature modern high tech equipment such as BOSE sound systems, TVs with satellite channels and many more.

Living Area:

The living space itself is one of the most wonderful features of this very villa. There is a large living and dining lounge which is of course air conditioned. The huge pots, ceramic artifacts and the light colour palette creates the sensation of a beach house with everything you want in it. Just the perfect paradise to relax in.

There is also an outdoor living area if you feel like taking a few breaths of fresh air every now and then. There is an open sided dining deck here as well. The Alfresco meals here are just amazing. This is particularly true when there are fresh-from-the-sea banquets which are prepared by resort chefs. There is also quite a large love seat beckoning for you on the raised poolside deck.


The island staff here are charming, generous and are always ready to help. By being a guest at this impeccable resort, you do get your very own private butler called a katheeb who would be at your service throughout you time here. The personal butler essentially makes sure everything is going without any issues. Moreover, it is one of their major goals to make sure your time here at this luxury island was truly magical.

The Great Beach Villa Residence

Within this truly wonderful island villa residence, you would find 8 unique bedrooms. Each one has an elegant design which is sure to let their guests visualize an authentic but modern paradise in the sunny side of life. All rooms do have high technology equipment such as TVs with satellite channels and many more facilities. There are master suites, guest suites which are in the upper level and guest suites at garden level.

Master suites:
These suites offer the most picturesque sceneries of the island itself. The bed which is of 3 meters, is arranged in a way that the guests could wake up to see the picturesque scenery of the crystalline ocean.

Guest suites: Upper level:
There are two with king sized beds and two which has twin beds. Each room also has quite a spacious seating lounge. The bathrooms come with twin wash basins and a walk-in rain shower. Alfresco rain shower courtyards are also featured by the king bedrooms.

Guest suite;Garden level:
This suite is highly recommended for children and teenagers in particular. The two guest suites are located near the living room in the ground floor. The two suites are joined together by a shower room .

Living area:
Similar to the four bedroom suite mentioned above, the Great Beach Villa residence also has quite a spacious dining and living room which is fully air conditioned. There is also an air conditioned kitchen which is open to a garden level living area. Your private chefs would be preparing your delightful meals here right in front of your eyes. Indulge yourself to a gourmet dinner or a fantastic breakfast here and be delighted for the rest of the day!

Amilla Villa Estate

Travel connoisseurs, limelight celebrities and many those who love the idea of traveling to a majestic empire of your very own truly love this option. After all, it is nothing like anything out there. Amilla Villa Estate is a holistic architectural piece which is constantly yearned by the tourists who come to Maldives to experience a luxurious holiday in Maldives. This villa is quite a contemporary design and its sleekness is truly admirable. In addition to that, it does have a light colour palette which blends it more with the surrounding island beauty. These villa estates do have three types. Those are master suites, upper level guest suites and garden level guest suites.

Master suites:
The master suites are inexplicably appealing and is the finest choice for a traveling savvy. In this master suite, wherever you look, you would find a scenery to gaze into. There is a roomy balcony which is close up to the huge pool. The bathrooms are en suite and they are equipped with saunas, twin basins and saunas.

Upper level guest suites:
Every guest is bound to be caught utterly overwhelmed by the size of each of these suites. Why refrain yourself from enjoying a sea vista when you have an open balcony which makes it easier to do so? There are so many relaxing things to be done within this suite. Take a quick soak or just rest up on the comfortable chair and just grasp the moment.

Guest Suite Garden Level:
Being the only bedroom down on the ground level, the guest residing at these suites do have an advantage. Since there is a separate entrance to the suite, they do have the chance to optimize their privacy. Thus, it is just the perfect choice for those who are in their late teens and guests who want to avoid having to climb the stairs.

Living area:
There are several sea vista living zones nearby this suite. This is a feature which applies to this suite only. Thanks to the glass walls opening to the pool deck, the living lounge is graciously flooded with the light of nature. There is also a dining room where you would also find a perfectly stocked bar to enjoy. It is a fact that the idea of fun for teenager and children would vary with the perspective of adults. Hence, there are cinemas and game rooms. There are play stations and TVs with DVD players connected in advance. There is also an excellent library to be at if you want to do some light reading.

Arriving to Maldives

Several flights are operated to Velaanaa International Airport which is the main gateway to Maldives. This is a completely Maldivian airport and it occupies an island. It is believed that Velaana International Airport is one of the safest airports when considering on a worldwide basis. The very friendly resort staffs will be right there near the landing spot just so that the guests could be warmly welcomed to the sunny side of life. To arrive to the resort, you get to pick your own choice of transport. If you want a short seaplane ride to Amillafushi, that is possible. In fact, it is the best way to get the most wonderful scenic views. OR perhaps a private yacht? The travel savvies who love to explore would surely love this choice. Speedboats are considerably less expensive and it is quite a popular choice.


WATERSPORTS: There are several watersport activities available to try here in this island luxury resort. For instance, fishing at the crack of dawn, dolphin watching trips, turtle safari full moon cruises and many more.

EXCURSIONS: Since this luxury resort is set up so close to a world heritage, there are several underwater exploring events going on every now and then. You would never run out of activities to get yourself involved in.

DIVING: The first thing you would come across near the jetty of the island is, “Home of the Underwater Biospheres”. It has a partnership Dive Butler International as well. The epicenter here, has a strong team of 15 diving professionals who are also marine specialists. They speak several languages and are always ready to help the guests learn more about the unique underwater kingdom of the area and let them visit the truly fascinating piece of heaven beneath the waters. Dive spots like Blue Hole and Hanifaru bay are the best places to go down for a dive. Blue Hole is also within swimmable distance which makes it a hassle free dive to visit there.

The emperor general store:

Fresh fruit and many more delights await you at this wonderful gourmet café. Here you could indulge yourself with a refreshing cocktail, a fresh fruit combo or perhaps a delicious pastry item. Items could even be ordered from the villa if you want to stay within your comfort zone. However, the idea of stepping out and trying out a cup of coffee-just the way you want it to be. Just take a break from your holiday adventure here by enjoying a few snacks and sandwiches here.

The Sultans Village Kids Club

One of the challenges that the families might have to face during their holiday, is trying to separate their children from the Sultans Village Kids Club where they enjoy and learn new things all the time. The clubhouse in fact, is packed with story books, games and toys which kids adore. The schedule made by the kids club team is quite admirable. The activities are deigned to help the children tame the skill of teamwork and creativity while having the most wonderful time of their lives. One of the best things to be mentioned here is that childcare is a completely complimentary services offered here at this resort even though the child is in the villa or the clubhouse. There are no age restrictions to point at either. Even if this is true, teenagers might actually find the recreational facilities in the Empire Beach Club much more appealing.

Tennis with Jim Courier Tennis Pro

There are two lit tennis courts here in this luxury resort. Wouldn’t this be a golden opportunity to get involved in a new sport? And for those who do know how to play, they could invest a bit of time in learning new tricks. Sparring sessions can also be arranged with Jim Courier, a professional tennis player. He would indeed inspire the guests to improve and coach them to take their skills to a whole new level.

Shutterfish Photography Studio

It is highly encouraged to make sure the guests grasp every single opportunity to create a memory. You are welcome to spend an hour at a complimentary photo session. To make it hassle free for you, the photographer would even give you a few suggestions about what to wear just so that you could blend into the picture beautifully. Moreover, you will be taken to the most stunning places in the island for your photo session. Later on, the studio will be inviting you in to let you decide on your favourites.

Amilla Yacht Club

The opening of Amilla Yacht Club has firmly guaranteed its place in the international yacht circuit. Amilla Yacht Clun proudly facilitates in provisioning, refueling, repairing and maintaining while the guests enjoy some shore time. If you become a member, you do get the benefit of getting discounts in accommodation costs, dining and other costs such as excursions. Membership is only possible here only by invitation.



Here at Amilla fushi villas, you could get the delicacies you want exactly the way you want them depending on your tastes. Your expectations are bound to be exceeded in a leap with utmost efficiency and flair. Your favourites can be ordered easily from two very extensive lists of groceries. Even if some items you order from these places are complimentary, premium meats, seafood and varieties of cheese are charged from your account.

Mystique Garden

Perched within the island spot with the most tropical greenery, Mystique Garden is one of the magical restaurants in the island. Its location makes it all the more appealing for a dining place. You could get your very own tailored menu or just indulge yourself to enjoy a carefully designed family menu which would be an excellent choice for every one of all ages. The most tongue-bud-tickling dishes would include seafood barbecues, Asian feasts and Arabian grills.

Feeling Koi

You could have the finest over-water dining experience here at Feeling Koi. This restaurant is set up on stilts over the crystalline waters on the Indian Ocean. IT could be reached by speedboat or a seaplane and even if that is true, there is always a chance for you to take a walk down the jetty. However you want to get the best of it, you get to do it here. This wonderful family style restaurant is actually a Japanese restaurant. However, it offers exhilarating combinations of Japanese, Mexican and France! What a perfect place to watch the scenic waters of the Indian Ocean shimmer so soothingly? What a pleasure would it be to watch your chefs prepare your food in the most unique possible way? Don’t forget to grab an appetizer from the bar to keep yourself occupied before dinner.

10AK Lounge

10AK lounge is a bar which is situated within Feeling Koi, which is of course, the most exquisite dining place in the island. This wonderful seaside bar offers interesting varieties of premium wine, sakes and other non-alcoholic beverages.

The Baazaar

Just close by to the largest infinity pool in Maldives, you would see the restaurants and bars which are together called the Baazaar. These places include Wok, Fish&Chip, Joe’s Pizza and of course Barolo Grill which is the one with the most positive reviews. Whichever the place you find yourself in love with, just visit the place and enjoy your favourites. It is a great idea to visit the Baazaar bar throughout your visit to the Baazaar area. You’d find yourself feeling up a Bohemian vibe while sipping up a mojito or a playful mix of a cocktail.

Wine Shop and the Cellar Door

This is indeed nothing less than a paradise for the lovers of wine. In fact, this wine house has a collection of 250 labels from far and wide. The wine house has a strong capacity of around 8000 bottles. There are wine tasting sessions every now and then. However, if you would like to host one, even that can be arranged along with artisanal cheeses.

The emperor general store

Walk into this gourmet café and it is not at all surprising to leave with your tongue buds craving more for what you just had. Here, you could always get fresh fruits and pastries. It is not a bad idea to order at the comfort of your island home, or sending your katheeb to get you something from the café in case you have a sudden craving. You are always welcome to walk in for a freshly brewed coffee or a refreshing ice cream cone. There are sandwiches, salad-bar lunches and many more appealing options available here.


By the Eastern side of this very majestic island, you will find the pavilion of relaxation! Javvu spa is an extraordinary island sanctuary where you are mentally taken to a whole new world. This spa does not give the guests normal spa treatments alone. In fact, the treatments provided here focus of the three strong pillars of wellness. Which are: spa, movement and spirituality. These treatments help you make a deeper and stronger connection with yourself while providing you with a stimulus to make yourself a more positive person.

Javvu spa

Javvu Spa consists of an international beauty team which is highly trained up to a professional level in terms of wellness and beauty. The treatments offered here are made in partnership with the world renowned brands. For instance, Pure Massage, QMS, Margarete Dabbs, Louis Galvin and Gentlemen’s tonic.

The Pure massage does feature deep tissue massage, trigger points, Swedish massage, myofascial massages and quantum healing.
QMS focus on giving treatments which give results immediately. For example, giving healthier and younger looking skin.
Products from ILa used here are organic and it is renowned to have the ability to the bridge the gap between the soul and the body.
Nail experts who are trained directly under Margaret Dabbs have the ability to completely transform your hand and feet by the fusion of health and beauty and by providing great care.
Gentlemen’s Tonic Barbers offer grooming services for men such that they would look smart and well-groomed at all times.


Because of an exclusive partnership with Bodyism, its philosophy is also carried forward to Javvu Spa. Guests are strongly advised keep their body completely nourished through a well-thought meal plan and regular working out. The Bodyism Specialists here are always ready to offer the guests an out-of-the-line wellness experience here by giving personalized consultations, training sessions, bodyism classes and detox sessions.