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Relax as a team of 1000 therapists treat your feet

Why Fish Spa?

  1. This foot spa exfoliates the skin when fishes remove the dead skin and eat bacteria; bringing glowing skin to the surface.
  2. Fish spa rituals are very relaxing. If your feet is tired and you want a break, just dip your feet in a fish spa.
  3. When you dip your feet inside a tank of fishes, all the fishes start eating the skin causing a tickling sensation. This tickling increases the secretion of endorphins (chemical from brain). Release of endorphins provide pleasant and happy feelings.
  4. Garra Rufa fishes salivate an enzyme which contains dithranol (anthralin). This stimulates the growth of new skin cells.
  5. Fish spa benefits as it softens the feet and reduces itching and blemishes. Almost like a pedicure, helping to get rid of dark spots and rough feet.
  6. One of the main fish spa benefit is that it improves blood circulation in the body. This affects the skin positively and improves complexion.
  7. Garra Rufa fish spa is considered as a medical treatment which treats feet problems such as psoriasis, warts and calluses.

After a foot cleansing ritual, which includes a massage from calf to toe by our expert therapists and back massage from the automatic electric massage chair, the 300 fishy  doctors (Garra Rufa) will naturally remove dead skin and rejuvenate your healthy skin as they kiss your feet and toes. During the procedure, you can choose to have an optional eye  massage with the Thalgo Eye Massager, or have your eyes covered with eye pillows. The mild suction massage will leave you feeling refreshed and energised. As a finishing touch, a therapist will provide a mild exfoliation and gentle foot massage whilst you are enjoying the back massage from the automatic electric massage chair. An Express Pedicure can be  added for an additional cost.

Fish Spa Therapy 60 minutes
• Foot cleansing and foot massage by expert therapists with back massage from the automatic electric massage chair – 20 minutes
• Fish Therapy – 20 minutes (Complimentary option to use Thalgo Eye Massager)
• Finishing exfoliation and gentle foot massage with back massage from the automatic electric massage chair – 20 minutes

Adults – 60 minutes session –$75/person & $140/couple
Kids (3 years to 12 years old) 60 minutes session – $40/Kid

Important Notice:

Please do not participate in this treatment if you have cuts, wounds, and skin conditions below the knee joint. Kindly remove any lotions, creams, oil applied below the knee joints as these may harm the tiny sensitive fishes, our expert therapists will also assist in removing these applications below the knee joint through foot cleansing ritual.

All rituals and treatments are carried out following the highest cleanliness and safety procedures.

All prices are in USD, subject to 10% service charge and any applicable government taxes. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

For booking or further information, please contact sales@voyadamaldives.com