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Ice skating at Jumeyrah Vittaveli

Ice skating at Jumeyrah Vittaveli

Maldives is well-known to be the sunny side of life. The absence of the months of winter is greatly noticed here in Maldives. Provided the fact that this is so, one would never expect to go to Maldives for ice skating. However, even this has become possible in Maldives as long as you decide to go to spend your vacation at Jumeyrah Vittaveli.

Jumeyrah Vittaveli has done something no Maldivian luxury resort has ever done before. They introduced their very own rink of ice this December. This is a totally new way of celebrating Christmas which of course, was very surprising indeed. Normal ice rinks are made such that there is a layer of frozen water in the top. Nonetheless, this is not at all practical in Maldives as the temperature normally stays in the range 27-30. Thus, they went for a rather unique alternative. The ice rinks in Jumeyrah Vittaveli are completely made of plastic plates. The fact that the ice rink here does not require electricity or water to function, makes it rather productive and hassle-free to use. This also means that it is totally sustainable and has little or no risk to the environment whatsoever.  

The guests could polish their ice skating skills here as these plastic ice rinks closely resemble normal ice rinks. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? As of now, the visitors to Jumeyrah Vittaveli are able to experience a unique holiday experience. Their experience is not at all limited to strolling down the beach anymore. The guests can now have a more exhilarating experience in Maldives than ever before.

Jumeirah Vittaveli is a part of the Dubai based group Jumeirah. This group is quite prominent and the resorts are greatly loved for two reasons. One would definitely be the top-of-the-line luxury offered. The second reason would be the rate of development. The latter is highly supported by the introduction of the first ever plastic ice rink in Maldives. According to the luxury resort, some of the guests enjoy visiting this resort over and over just to be delighted by the newest service upgrades and developments.

Jumeirah Vittaveli is quite the perfect place for honeymooners, families of different sizes, lone travelers and even group travelers. This island resort epitomizes the idea of having the best tropical paradise experience. Hence, it is not surprising to find this luxury resort in the list of the all-time-best resorts in Maldives.